An overview of Yield Monitor.

What is Yield Monitor?

Yield Monitor (YM) is a multi-chain / multi-dex Decentralized Finance (DeFi) LP tracker for crypto traders and investors. By integrating Smart Contracts from top-tier DeFi protocols, Yield Monitor has created a "hub" where investors can manage and track their LP performance.
This brings immediately value for users by streamlining how DeFi investors and traders can manage their funds and track LP performance and/or investment progress.
Yield Monitor will be capable of full portfolio tracking over time. - Standard LPs (2 Assets): Deployed - Single Asset LPs: October 2021 - Multi Asset LPs (3+): November 2021 - Single Asset Tokens: December 2021
Yield Monitor launched an MVP in mid-July, 2021. We are building features, improving UX/UI, adding new DeFi integrations, and building profitable partnerships on a daily basis.
As a user, we appreciate your awareness and understanding that Yield Monitor:
  • is a startup with a small team
  • puts users, their security, and their money, above all else
  • will respond to inquiries and support requests as fast as possible
  • maintains constant oversight of the Discord and Telegram communities
  • appreciates and welcomes feedback from all users
Find our Discord and Telegram links here, or on the side-bar navigation.
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