Yield Monitor Guide
Tools for DeFi Investors
DeFi - and crypto assets as a whole - can be volatile. It's exciting to see your portfolio rising in value, but more data and clarity should be available about *how* your portfolio value is increasing (or decreasing). Through data, we can identify how specific assets are performing, which gives us more awareness of LP and Yield Farm performance.
At our core, Yield Monitor is a database that seeks to offer that level of clarity.
An Overview:
Existing portfolio tracking tools are beautiful, powerful, and opening a great deal of opportunity for investors and protocols. We admire the growth and utility of these products.
Yield Monitor wants to support the ecosystem by adding our own value: a scalable, multi-chain database that lets DeFi participants track their portfolio and view charts to better visualize and understand their investment data, including:
  • Single Assets
  • Liquidity Pools
  • Yield Farms
  • Lending
Where applicable, these charts will show users:
  • Asset Price in $USD
  • Total Holdings Value in $USD
  • Amount of Asset (Tokens) Owned
When available, additional information may include:
  • Order Book & Trade Volume
  • LP Information (prices of each LP asset)
  • List of Tracked Farms for Asset(s)
  • List of Tracked Liquidity Pools (LP) for Asset(s)
  • Impermanent Loss Calculator
Yield Monitor tools should be considered in progress, and we suggest that Yield Monitor be a single tool among many in your DeFi toolkit.
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