How to use Yield Monitor.
This section will be updated, expanded, and clarified with screenshots and video on a regular basis.
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    Access Yield Monitor and track your favorite LPs
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    Review farm options on the expanded details page for specific LPs
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    Connect your wallet address to view your own LPs and track their value over time and in $USD
Yield Monitor will be capable of full portfolio tracking over time. - Standard LPs (2 Assets): Deployed - Single Asset LPs: October 2021 - Multi Asset LPs (3+): November 2021 - Single Asset Tokens: December 2021
For now, users must navigate away from Yield Monitor to engage with their farm / LP platform of choice. Yield Monitor plans to offer single-click entry/exit for investors: creating a single-platform experience. See all plans on our Roadmap.
Users must consider factors in determining what investments to make.
As always, Yield Monitor offers information for educational purposes only. Users must DYOR. All charts, price data, and other LP information is not financial advice and should be regarded as a tool (among many others) for traders/investors to use in making their own independent investment decisions.
We are building and adding features as fast (and safely) as possible. Join our Discord community to stay connected to the team and users. Or keep track of progress with our Roadmap.
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