Coming Features
An overview of Yield Monitor's coming features.
We have a number of exciting features in progress:
Planned for October 2021
  • automated entry/exit into user-desired LPs (single click features)
  • addition of buy/sell/swap buttons so users can trade within Yield Monitor
    • Our multi-chain / multi-dex database will automatically route / execute user swaps based on their trade, order size, and available liquidity.
  • more functionality with charts and historical data
Planned for November - December 2021
  • inclusion of audit documentation for all tracked LPs
  • ongoing integrations with new DeFi platforms
  • ongoing integrations with new blockchain mainnets
  • overhaul / improvements to design (ui/ux)
  • improvements to tech, database, scaleability, routing
Planned for January 2022
  • a data-driven Yield Monitor trading bot in which users can invest (still in ideation)
See all planned goals and features in our Roadmap.
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